FAQ's & Store Policies


** I am 1 person controlling the website, shipping, art, tagging etc... Don't worry, you will get your item! ** E-mail me. Do not DM me on Instagram. 


"My Order has tracking but the item hasn't moved?" 

This is the most common question I get so let me break down the process for you! 

Step 1: after pre-orders close, shirts take about 2-4 weeks to print. During this time, I make tracking for your item to prepare to ship! 

Step 2: I get the freshly brewed tees in and start tagging them. This takes about a week but it depends on pre-order sizes and how busy I am. 

Step 3: Packaging and shipping them. This takes a day or so but REMINDER this whole time you have had tracking. Your item is not lost during this period. Things take time and I try my best to get stuff out as fast as I can please be patient. I do not offer refunds for orders that people don't read descriptions for the products they buy. All of this info is written somewhere along the way most likely my posts, stories on instagram and 100% always in the description of the website listing. 



Returns and Refunds:

I do not do refunds (with some exceptions of course) If your item is damaged when receiving, I will refund you or you may exchange for something else. 

All vintage items are sold ‘as is’ and I will not accept refunds or returns. 

Please allow 3-10 business days for processing and shipment. Unless it is pre-order. Pre-orders take up to 1.5 months sometimes shorter, sometimes longer.

If your item is defected we offer returns. We do not offer returns on merchandise that you have purchased in the wrong size or color. You will receive your refund once the item has been delivered to us. Refunds typically take 1-5 business days and we have no control over that allotted time. If you return an item after the 24 hours refund policy, you will be subject to a 20% restocking fee and will be blacklisted from ordering on my website. 

Items are shipped with USPS First-Class unless otherwise stated. 

Be sure to leave your CURRENT email to receive the shipping notification!

Be sure your e-mail on your account is the most current email you are using or you will miss the shipping notification and tracking number. 




Pre-orders are typically estimated at 3-6 weeks. This is just an ESTIMATE. In some cases, pre-orders have taken shorter or longer. We try our best to ship out as soon as we receive any items from pre-order drops. 

Can I cancel my order or pre-order?

We do NOT offer pre-order cancellations or order cancellations for any reason after 24 hours. We (as in I, because it's 1 person running this brand and things like this make it very hard to continue to operate) hope to encourage a stronger policy on pre-orders so that things run smoothly on our end.

Refunds after the 24 hours period will be subject to a 20% restocking fee. 



Can I change my address?  

Yes that is 100% ok. As long as we have not shipped your item. 

Can I combine orders?

No this is not an option if you have currently placed 2 separate orders. 

When will my order ship? 

In-stock orders will ship around 1-4 business days after placing an order for IN STOCK* merchandise. Pre-orders take 3-6 weeks on average. Please be patient and be sure to check the PRE-ORDER STATUS UPDATES page and the ANIMETEAS INSTAGRAM STORIES. We post about all of the pre-order related questions and guarantee you will find the answer before you need to send an inquiry.


Can I change size? 

In this case if you accidentally ordered the wrong size or want to switch for a different size we do not offer exchanges or refunds in this case.

We strongly recommend you follow OUR SIZE CHART GUIDES


Customer Service E-mail 

If you have any questions please send us a message in the contact form or email us at shopanimeteas@gmail.com


Hey there! I'm Ashley, the founder of LOVE GALORE, your ultimate destination for Y2K-inspired fashion. With a passion for all things nostalgic, I started this brand to bring back the best of the early 2000s fashion, and give them a modern twist.